bHuman is an AI video creation tool with a range of templates and advanced editing capabilities. It has a user-friendly interface and an auto voiceover feature for easy video creation.


BHuman is an AI-powered platform that enables HR departments to create personalized videos for various purposes, such as employee recognition, leadership communication, feedback collection, applicant rejection, and recruitment outreach. It offers a user-friendly interface and automates the video creation process, making it efficient and scalable for both small and large businesses. BHuman's approach to personalization with a human touch is designed to enhance engagement and provide a more authentic communication experience.

Use Cases for Talent Professionals:

Employee Recognition: Generate personalized videos to commend employees for their achievements, enhancing their motivation and engagement.

Leadership Communication: Send videos from company leaders to employees, fostering a sense of connection and transparency.

Feedback Collection: Create interactive videos to gather employee feedback in a more engaging manner.

Applicant Rejection: Use personalized videos to deliver rejection messages to applicants, ensuring a positive candidate experience even in denial.

Recruitment Outreach: Automate the creation of personalized recruitment videos, making outreach efforts more efficient and personalized.