Mention enables brands and agencies to leverage media monitoring and social media in order to increase brand awareness. By tracking a brand, competitor, or industry topic - their platform allows customers to compare and analyze online conversations, as well as create content based on important social and web insights. Mention’s superior listening capabilities have helped over 4,000 enterprise clients such as Spotify, Airbnb, MIT, and Microsoft to improve their communications and marketing strategies.


Mention is a comprehensive monitoring tool that enables talent professionals to track online conversations, listen to their audience, and manage social media presence effectively. With Mention, you can monitor over 1 billion sources across the web daily, including press articles, review sites, forums, and blogs, as well as social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This tool helps you stay informed about your brand's online perception, analyze your competition, and engage with your audience to grow your online presence.

Use Cases for Talent Professionals:

Employer Branding: Monitor online media and social channels to understand how your company is perceived by potential candidates. Use insights to improve your employer branding strategy.

Competitive Analysis: Keep an eye on your competitors' online presence and measure their share of voice. Stay ahead by adapting your talent acquisition strategies based on your findings.

Crisis Management: Catch and respond to any negative mentions or crises before they escalate. Protect your company's reputation by staying proactive.

Audience Engagement: Listen to your audience and build your social media strategy based on their preferences and needs. Engage with potential candidates in a relevant way to attract top talent.

Content Strategy: Use Mention to plan and schedule your social media content in advance. Create a multi-channel editorial calendar to ensure a consistent online presence.

Agency Growth: For talent agencies, Mention provides valuable insights into industry trends and client performance. Manage clients' channels and deliver custom reports to demonstrate your impact.