Pika.art is an AI-powered video creation tool that offers various templates, effects, and transitions for creating professional-grade videos. It suggests edits automatically, saving creators time and effort.


Pika is an AI-powered video creation tool designed for anyone who wants to bring their imagination to life, from memes to movies. It offers three ways to create videos: text-to-video, where you set the scene and watch it come to life; image-to-video, which turns photos and drawings into moving scenes; and video-to-video, allowing you to modify or change the style of existing videos. Pika also provides editing features like lip sync, region modification, canvas expansion, and video length extension, giving users full creative control. It's a versatile tool perfect for talent professionals looking to create engaging recruitment videos, employee testimonials, or training materials.

Use Cases for Talent Professionals:

Recruitment Videos: Create engaging and dynamic videos to showcase company culture, work environment, and job roles to attract top talent.

Employee Testimonials: Use Pika to produce compelling testimonials from current employees, sharing their experiences and reasons for choosing your company.

Training Materials: Develop interactive and immersive training videos for new hires or ongoing employee development programs.

Employer Branding: Enhance your employer brand by creating visually appealing content that highlights your company's values, mission, and achievements.

Job Descriptions: Transform traditional text-based job descriptions into captivating video content to provide a more engaging overview of open positions.