is an AI video creation tool with features for editing videos, adding subtitles, and creating animations. It has an intuitive interface and a library of stock footage, templates, and music.

VEED is an all-in-one online video editor designed for creating professional-quality videos with ease. With features like auto subtitles, text formatting, a stock library, and music and sound waves, it's ideal for many kinds of video projects. For talent professionals, VEED can be used for creating engaging employer branding videos, recruitment marketing content, and training materials. Its user-friendly interface and one-click features allow for efficient video production, enhancing the candidate experience and attracting top talent.

Use cases for talent professionals:

  • Employer Branding Videos: Create compelling videos showcasing your company culture, values, and work environment to attract top talent.
  • Recruitment Marketing Content: Produce eye-catching videos for job postings and social media campaigns to highlight the benefits of working at your company.
  • Training Materials: Develop informative and engaging training videos for new hires and ongoing employee development.
  • Employee Testimonials: Capture and share testimonials from current employees to provide authentic insights into your company.
  • Event Highlights: Create highlight reels from company events, team-building activities, or industry conferences to showcase your company's active involvement.